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Unheil Rouse (League of Blades)

Year 247X, Gungnir year. 22nd day of the month of Greimo, 11th month of the human calendar.

A group of mysterious immortal beings abruptly appeared in a certain peaceful kingdom. They suddenly wreaked havoc and their unstoppable onslaught began.

The world fell within their hands, a merely few could resist. Thus they overwhelmed their exhausted forces. After that they made a system that emphasizes the rule of the jungle, the power of the strong that only matters. further called Giame (G’ame).

9 Years after this unholy incident, a boy from a country where the system that the 10 Nights of Zelor had created, are spreadwide.
Rikhatan Tristan Evaliour. once was a noble stripped off his status, caused by a dreadful Giame. Now went out his country to follow a path that would redeem himself, an undeniable fate against the world. Now, his adventure begins, joining with a mysterious and cheerfully clumsy girl named, Deity.


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